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Jennifer George is a flute repair specialist and professional flautist. She has been repairing flutes for over 20 years. Since 2013 she has been apprentice to flute maker Willy Simmons.
Ian joined her in the workshop in 2016 and carries out scheduling and servicing.

Guide Price List

Type Details
Priced from
Check Over & Adjust make it play
Service clean, oil, adjust;
pins pulled (as needed);
shims, felts, corks (as needed);
headjoint cork (as needed);
footjoint & headjoint fitted;
bodywork cleaned
student flute (eg. Yamaha 211) £90;
mid-range £120;
professional £150
(additional items) pads replaced (as needed)
dents removed
repair damaged keywork etc
heavy tarnish removed
priced individually
Overhaul as above
all pads replaced
Piccolo service
professional £120
Alto & Bass flute service
other Jennifer George custom Silver Low B Extensions for C foot flutes
& Low Bb Extensions for B foot flutes
other Simmons Headjoints

October 2023


What does it need?
Flutes should have at least a check over each year.
Services should be carried out every 1 to 2 years. If the flute looks dusty between the keys or dirty, if there are torn pads, or bent keys and it has been a year or more, it is time for a service.

How long will it take?
A straightforward service on a well looked after flute usually takes a day or two, and will probably be close to the starting price. more if it needs a lot of polishing or other work. Prices go up with pads and extra work needed. A professional service has a 6 month warranty on the work done.

What about an overhaul?
There is no strict timetable for this. It is occasionally good to restore a flute as closely as possible to new, and replace all the pads. This usually takes about 2 weeks, and the work is under warranty for 1 year.

Willy Simmons headjoints

Simmons Headjoints


We are based in south Manchester, UK. Send us an email with your query and we'll get back to you to arrange an appointment: jgflutes
We usually reply within a week at busy times - if you don't hear back from us please check your spam folder.

Flutes can be posted to us! Special Delivery before 1pm is a good service, please contact us to arrange a delivery date.
PACKING TIPS: Make sure the flute doesn’t move around much in the case, add some bubble wrap or a paper towel if needed. A couple of padded envelopes taped snugly around the case is usually sufficient to protect the case, the case should be able to protect the flute. Extra bubble wrap can be added, and of course flutes can also be boxed up with packing material around them if that is preferred. We will try to send it back packed the way it arrives.

Willy Simmons flute